Did You Smile Today?

Feel blessed for what you have.

Feel blessed for every single part of your body, every single breath of yours.

The Life you are having maybe can be the life someone’s expecting.”

Thought of the Day

“May you live all the days of your life.”

– Jonathan Swift.

  • How to overcome Distractions?
    “Distractions” A student’s life is full of distractions which in rare cases further proves in benefit of the students but in the majority cases it’s not like that. Distractions can be of several types- Social media, games, spending times on unnecessary things and so on, are all included in those which causes nothing and onlyContinue reading “How to overcome Distractions?”
  • Believe in your soul
    Why waste our life in thinking about doing something? Why not to just start? Every child is somewhere feeling crushed by this educational system of our country. He/she has almost lost their aptitude to do something in life without studying. None of any school focus on overall development of the children. The thing which isContinue reading “Believe in your soul”
  • Feel it like a journey not a Destination
    Ever wondered that why any pleasure giving thing have more buyers than a simple novel or any book? Even though, deep-down we all know that this pleasurable thing is only harming us in indirect ways. Obviously, anyone will choose that thing which gives them happiness or a state of excitement but only for a fewContinue reading “Feel it like a journey not a Destination”
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